Our mission

District Energy is good for a great many reasons and we simply want to make more of it. That is our District Energy Venture!

What is so good about it?

District Heating and Cooling play a significant role in the supply of heating and cooling in several parts of the world, and particularly so in the northern parts of Europe. The systems are very energy efficient and often utilize renewable energy sources and heat recovery providing for sustainable supply and less use of primary energy sources. Still, there is an enormous potential for improvement of existing systems and expansion of District Energy to other parts of the world.

We want more!

We have experienced the successes and enjoy the benefits of District Energy in our every-day lives. On a cold winter day the sky is clear without smoke pouring out from every building as in the olden days. On a hot summer day there is no noise from cooling towers and fans in the bustling down-town area – and there is plenty of electricity left over for better use. At Devcco we want more people and societies to get the opportunity to experience these and other benefits and that is why we develop more projects in new places.

Better performance

We believe District Heating and Cooling are corner stones in building sustainable and flexible energy systems. Never the less, there are ageing systems built under different economic circumstances and political frameworks that need to catch up with the present. We want to support a continued expansion of District Energy by improving performance of existing businesses. That’s why we offer our services to owners and operators of existing systems.

Venture for the future

District Energy brings benefits to virtually all stakeholders in a society. Beyond the obvious advantages of minimizing the use of primary energy sources and emissions of greenhouse gases it also relaxes the electricity production and distribution systems. By doing so District Energy further facilitates the transition to a sustainable future. That is in the end why we have set off on this District Energy Venture!