About us

Devcco is a private, independent company owned by its founding Partners. It was founded by highly dedicated and experienced individuals with the purpose to develop projects and to provide services in the District Energy industry globally.

What drives us?

The founding Partners have in their previous engagements been in the forefront of developing District Energy systems in Sweden and internationally. For our entire careers we have been driven by improving, developing and creating District Energy businesses since we see a great potential in the technology. We have achieved a lot but there is plenty more to do and that is why Devcco was formed.

Our Global Network

With our roots and office in Stockholm we have access to our local network of industry and environmental experts and through our long experience from providing services and developing projects internationally we have built a strong professional network including investors, developers, managers and engineers around the globe.

Founding Partners

The founding partners of Devcco are Pär Dalin, Lars Hargö, Joakim Nilsson and Eric Lindström.